1. How to connect to "Diaryium" for the first time?

For the first time you can connect to "Diaryium" after you input the right login data into the login fields. You can acquire your own login data from your school administration.

In the first field enter the primary email address that you were given by your school administration. In the  next field enter the password that also was given to you together with the primary email address.
After you enter your login data, press the button "Login". If the data entered was correct,  you will be asked to enter the address of your real email. A confirmation link will be sent to your provided  email address.
After you press the confirmation link that was sent to your email, you will be able to connect to the system by providing your real email address and the primary password.  You can always change your password in the menu "Settings".


2. Why does "Diaryium" inform me that my email is not confirmed?

All „Diaryium“ users have to confirm their true email address once they input the right login credentials for the first time.  

After you enter the address of the email that you use daily,  an email with confirmation link will be sent  automatically to the email address you entered. 

You can confirm your email in two ways: 1) Press green confirmation link or 2) Copy blue link to the address input on your browser and press „Enter“.
After you do that, you will be notified that your email has been confirmed and you are able to login to  „Diaryium“.

Your login name – your email address;
Your password -  combination of symbols that you used to login to the system before email confirmation.

3. Why am I not able to login to „Diaryium“?

If you are not able to login into „Diaryium“,  first of all  you should check if the login credentials that you entered did not include the following mistakes:
a) mistyped letters or symbols (ex. letters changed in places) ;
b) an empty symbol (space) in the front or in the end of the text. This mistake can easily appear when you copy a password from other file or directory;
c) "Caps lock" function was on;
d) other language was active on the keyboard and the keyboard buttons had different meaning.
If you are sure that all login data that you entered is correct,  but you still are not able to log into the system, press the link „Forgot your password?“. This function will allow you to change your old password.

Enter your email address that you usually use to login to „Diaryium“.

First of all, the email with a confirmation to change password  will be sent to the email address that you entered. After you press the confirmation link, you will receive the next email with password reset link.  
Once you press the link, you will be able to enter your new password and login to "Diaryium" with it.
If you still cannot login to system, contact diaryium.com help desk team.

4. Why don't I receive the email confirmation link?

Each inbox understands automatic system emails differently. Some of them can indicate them as „Spam“, so if you are having troubles receiving emails from "Diaryium", please check your „Spam“ or "Advertising" catalogs.
If you still don't find "Diaryium" email, please contact "Diaryium" help desk.

5. Why is the student not able to see his/her timetable?

Students are able to see their timetables as soon as each teacher fills in the timetables for each student group.
Please contact your teachers or school administration by "Mano dienynas" message and ask them to fill in the group schedules as soon as it is possible.

6. How do I order „Diaryium Plus“ service?

If you want to order „Diaryium Plus“ service, login to the system and on menu called „Diaryium Plus“ click on  „Information about service" . In this page you will find all the needfull information about service advantages and ordering.

Once you click the button "Order", all the payment possibilities will appear. 

7. Why am I not able to see the results of student ranking?

Student ranking is a part of „Diaryium Plus“ service. If you have not activated this service yet, you will see only the question marks instead of ranking results.
Once you  “Diaryium Plus” service , you will be able to see all information related with student ranking just in a moment.

8. How to merge user's "Diaryium" accounts in different schools?

If you use electronic diary „Diaryium“ in more than one school and you still use different login credentials to access the system, you are able to merge these accounts into one. In this way you will need to memorize only one email and password to login to "Diaryium" and change the schools just by one click.
You can merge the accounts,  log into one of "Diaryium" accounts and in „Settings“ menu change your email to the email that you use in other "Diaryium" account.
You will immediately receive the email with confirmation link. Press the confirmation link and your profiles will be merged into one.
Note: students and parents profiles cannot be  merged by the same email.

9. How can I connect to demo version of "Diaryium"?

If you are interested in exploring "Diaryium" in more detail, please contact us by email [email protected] and we will be glad to prive you a demo version you need according to your language and location.

10. How can I become a partner or a representative of "Diaryium" in my country?

If you like "Diaryium" and you are interested in becoming a part of our team, your initiative is very welcome. We have  various ways of working together in new markets. Together we can build a stronger brand and more popular product among the schools worldwide.
You are welcome to contact us via email [email protected]  and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.